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Hansen Info Tech designs software that empowers businesses to effectively produce and access their data in order to gain insights and make decisions that leave a powerful impact on the business.


Web Application Development

Have an idea for a web application to streamline business processes? Hansen Info Tech develops fully responsive web applications that help drive your business tasks and workflows. These web apps can increase your team's productivity by automating repetitive tasks or expanding functionality and/or capabilities.


Core engineering is a crucial part of any business. If you use Salesforce in your business Hansen Info Tech can help you customize, extend and refine the Salesforce platform to best fit the needs of your business.

Mobile Application Development

The convenience and accessibility of a mobile device cannot be paralleled. Being tethered to a computer limits what we can physically do and for this reason, mobile apps have been on the rise within the workplace. Hansen Info Tech develops mobile applications for various platforms that can be integrated into your other business systems. Or maybe you have the next big app idea and you'd like to put it in front of consumers? We can help with that.


There are more than 800,000 Shopify stores in over 175 countries. Shopify has become one of the top e-commerce platforms. Hansen Info Tech offers a variety of Shopify services to ensure all your needs are covered and you are poised for success.


Great businesses power their decisions and their insights with strong data. We can help you setup the proper pipelines and instrumentation to collect said data and then implement the tools and solutions necessary to be able to analyze, understand and act on that data.

General Software Consulting

Have a need not mentioned here? Reach out anyway! We love all engineering challenges and would love an opportunity to discuss how we can serve your business.

About Us

It is essential that modern businesses have the capabilities of evaluating and reevaluating where adjustments are needed for the continued success of their business. This requires software engineering talent that is broad in perspective, with the ability to merge core technical disciplines with strong business acumen to achieve meaningful goals and deliver results. Founded in 2011, Hansen Info Tech has proven to be the missing piece to the continued success of businesses spanning a wide range of industries. We take pride in providing all of our clients with a solid engineering background that encompasses a wide variety of software languages and environments. We recognize that more is needed of an effective software company than simply understanding technical functionalities and requirements. Therefore, we strive to bring an innovative and insightful approach to every project. Let Hansen Info Tech show you what software combined with your data can do for you. Hansen Info Tech. Software. Data. Decisions.

Case Studies

General Software Consulting

Assisting a fellow software company in upgrading Python.

We contacted Hansen Info Tech looking for a Python expert to assist us with upgrading Python 2 to 3 for an existing Python/Django web application. Hansen Info Tech provided top-notch professional service throughout the project. They were very helpful on our regular conference calls, keeping us on the right track along the way. By making use of online meetings and screen sharing, they were able to help us troubleshoot complicated software development issues in real-time. In addition, they were available for specific assistance and training when the need arose. Overall, we would highly recommend Hansen Info Tech.

Gene Kanieski
Sector Micro

Web Development

Wholesale food distributor gets major software upgrade.

I contracted Hansen Info Tech to design software that would better suit the needs of my growing business and help track sales, inventory, and purchases. We were running on an outdated FilePro application that ran in MS-DOS. Hansen Info Tech revolutionized our business operations by putting together a responsive web application that we now use on desktops and even tablets both in-office and at client sites.

During this process, Hansen Info Tech was extremely available, communicated clearly, and actively updated me on progress and milestones. The software they designed for me has had an immensely positive impact on the success of my business. I have seen a significant and measurable increase in my sales since the implementation. Furthermore, the software is very intuitive and makes training new employees in its use very easy. Overall, I would absolutely recommend Hansen Info Tech as they have done an amazing job for my business.

Daniel Estevez
U&S Distributor

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